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Amir Bey
Sculpture: "Obamabiles"
Masks of etched copper foil, acrylic on canvas and aluminum screen mesh, casts, and carvings are combined in installations with silkscreen on fabric that are sometimes used in performances.  Any material, media, color combinations and sites offer limitless possibilities.  Two favorites are mobiles of etched copper foil faces that give an iridescent intrigue and fabrics that have been silkscreened, then twisted and hung, creating surprising designs and costumes.  Musical instruments hung from ceilings along with the fabrics respond to wind currents, causing attached bells to ring.  Color, sound, texture and movement are woven into my installations.

Installation: "From Here On"
ANIMUS is Preston Dane, David Ort and Annie Vainchenker. ANIMUS is currently desiging several new art projects slated to be displayed in New York City, California, and of course... the Nevada desert!

Gregory Skolozdra
Installation: "Flowers"

Mized media mosaics on canvas: "Jihad 1" (12x12"); "Jihad 2" (12x12"); "Lailaha" (29x29"); "Mashallah" (29x29")
"I want to create a message in a subtle yet startling way. I like to work with glass and mirror as it is luminescent and is at the same time dangerous. It reflects the times we live in. There is much beauty in calligraphy, an ancient art that was intensely heightened during Islamic rule in various parts of the world, therefore belongs to no particular race. I try with these messages or quotes to reach all who seek to learn."

Jason Hackenworth
Installation with balloons

Jeanette Arnone-K.
Installation: "He and/or You've, Obama, Got the Whole World in Your Hands, So Please Save It -- OR Is Symbiosis Lost?"
Jeanette's work is her visual expression of movement, music and drama evoking emotions and moods, whether they be subjective, surrealstic or abstract images or a fusion of them. Her images range from timely concerns of the human condition to pure lark and fancy. Since 2001, her annually changing Mural at Theater for the New City deals with Ecological concerns as part of her "Symbiosis Lost?" Her present sculpture is an offshoot of her summer long installation with the FIGMENT Festival, 2008, called "Human Folly with Enough Rope to...So Save the World and Save Ourselves Already" which portrayed a businessman hanging himself, with the world as his head. Jeanette explains, "It surrealistically represents human failing in dealing with the magnitude of the ecological problems of the world: energy and other resourse overuse and, slow to change to renewable energy, over population, private ownership of water supplies, shortages of water and food, global warming, rapidly disappearing of species including the honey bees (which do the cross pollination for us), therefore upsetting the balance of nature, social choices based on monetary gain rather than survival of the species, etc. Much of this, according to scientific calculations, may be reaching the point of no return if we're not diligent."

Jennifer Upchurch
Sculpture: "LIPS=Love"
God Bless kissing!

Judy Sky
Sculpture in plaster/mixed media: "Partial Winged Victory"
Frida Kahlo said it best when she said, "Only the arts to cheer my heart and cultivate my spirit." All through my life, my art has sustained me. Although I was trained as a graphic artist, I became disatisfied with the stagnent conventional gallery/ museum concept. This dictated "flat art" on a wall that is glanced at and then, on to the next piece. I have come to see art more as participation between the artist and the audience. I seek in my installations to invoke a reaction, good or bad from the viewer When this happens, I know I am on the right track.. Interactive art all the way!

Kiri Bermack
Sculpture: "Greenway" (36x25")
“Greenway” is a smaller version of a series of illuminated bicycle wheel sculptures that were created this summer. The industrial tubing represents the cycle of industrial waste, a contributor of global warming. The bicycle wheel represents a form of transportation that can help reduce global warming. Utilizing various forms of light, the sculptures explore the peaceful coexistence between organic and inorganic forms in today’s hi-tech society. I am exploring a form of sculpture from found objects, prefabricated industrial, plumbing, and electrical supplies. These sculptural forms twist, turn and glow. Since 2001, I have created several series of light sculptures. Denise Bibro Fine Art had exhibited my illuminated works at their “Form & Function” Shows in 2001 and 2003. The Angel Orensanz Foundation, New Fusion Museum, Tribeca gallery and Washington Square Gallery have also shown my work. Born and raised in Long Island, I currently reside in Manhattan.

Logan Grendel
Photomontage: "The People Could Fly" (24x36")
Logan Grendel is a photographer, writer and digital artist born and raised in New York City. "The People Could Fly" is a positive meditation on the future of American ethnic and cultural relations.  Part of a series called "Photoscapes," it is a single image comprised of a number of different original photos by the artist.  The majority of the images were shot on 125th Street in Harlem on the night of November 4th, 2008, when Obama's victory was announced and overjoyed revelers took to the Manhattan streets.

Maha Saedaway
Mixed media: "ice mountains /sun-drenched"

Marie Roberts
Painting: "Coney Island Maybe" (6x5')
Marie Roberts was born in Brooklyn.  She received her BA from Brooklyn College and her MFA from Queens College, CUNY.  She is a Full Professor of Art at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ. Roberts is Artist in Residence at Coney Island USA and has painted the banners for the Sideshow, Museum and Mermaid Parade for the past 11 years.  She lives and works in Brooklyn with the ghosts of her ancestors. She hopes that the United States will again aspire to greatness, and that Coney Island will continue to exist for living people and ghost people.

Martha Burzynski
Photographs: "South ParkSlope, December 2008"; " AuH2O, fall/presidential campaign 2008"
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Martha Burzynski lives in Brooklyn. She has photographed bands, renegade and established fashion lines, weddings, abandoned buildings and her work has appeared on Gothamist,
Gawker, The Village Voice and elsewhere. She is inspired by the vitality and beauty of the city; the perseverance and grace of passers-by. She dreams of one day soon having health insurance again.

Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg
Video: "Who do you want to be"

Mollyne Karnofsky
Prints/installation: "I respect you for who you are"
"What am I dreaming? I hope for friendship among individuals from different backgrounds. I wish for respect for each other and an openness to other cultures both in the United States and throughout the world. We need to support our understanding with learning experiences. Removing prejudices may aid world peace. If we respect each other as individuals, then our world view may change. And then we may hope for a more peaceful existence."
Born in New Orleans and living in New York since 1977, Mollyne has exhibited her art internationally. Eexhibitions have included The Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, Queens, New York, Bronx Museum Satellite Gallery, Bronx, New York, Galerie Leger, Malmo, Sweden, Galerie Forum, Stockholm, Sweden, Galerie X, New York and Istanbul, Turkey.

Nalani L. Williams
Installation: "Change"
Change: to transform or convert: A series of wood panels painted with chalked board paint, the word “Change” written in colored chalk on each. This piece gives the viewer the opportunity to erase the word change and write in there own hopes, dreams and changes they want to see in the future. On the ledge where the chalk rests is a quote: "You must be the change that you want to see in the world...Gandhi.” The quote reminds people that in order for "Change" to take place that they must be an active participant. Nalani L. Williams in a sculptor and installation artist. She is a May 2009 MFA candidate at Stony Brook University and is alumna of Buffalo State College where she received her BFA in Sculpture.

Olga Alexander
Acrylic on Masonite with resin: "Give Peace a Chance" (29x29")
Olga Alexander is a painter and installation artist from New York and
an independent curator.

Open Music Ensemble
Improvised acoustic music performance
The Open Music Ensemble, established in 2006, is a cooperative of versatile, professional musical improvisers and a pioneer in the development and performance of "Open Music". The Ensemble musicians allow the music they create to come through them rather than try to create the music they play. The notes, rhythms, and sounds in an Ensemble performance are intuitively created by the members as they listen to each other and permit themselves to respond spontaneously to what they hear. In this way, the Ensemble's sounds and rhythms can move to a deeper level and offer the audience a more profound musical experience.

Peter G. Pereira
Painting: "Hope"
In concert with Martin Luther King Jr. and  President Obama, I come from a mixed background. The lines in my work represent all the colors,shapes, sizes, creeds, and languages...the American way...that courses through our veins. My vision is of a family unit, striving together, pushing upwards toward the future to usher in an new era of hope.  It is a vision of how far we can go and how far we have come.

Rafael Shimunov
Video: "Proud Faces"

Robert Israel
Drawings: "Barack Obama's Heavy Metal parking lot" (11x14"); "Barack Obama Greets Visitors to Earth" (11x14")
Rob is a professional Illustrator and Graphic Artist based in NYC.

Sarah Sharp
Photographs: "Way Over Budget" (12x16"); Natives spotted" (12x16")
"Limits on reality diminish with every step we take towards the future. What was once inconceivable as reality becomes the agreed-upon paradigm, making way for ever-greater stretches of imagination and the rules of social order. As we learn to accept more possibilities as real, so our world becomes more flexible, more integrated, and far more interesting."

Walker Fee
Mixed media