Action Arts League develops art to strengthen communities and inspire individuals to explore their inner artists through participatory events, educational programs, and public-private partnerships.

Action Arts League, Inc. is a New York City based 501(c)(3) arts organization that sprung from the Costume Network community arts project ongoing since 1999. Action Arts League has a progressive, business-minded leadership team and an extensive creative resources network capable or executing ambitious and colorful projects.

Activities include:

Community Outreach: Bringing artists and community members together for creative events and art related activities.

Education: Educational programs and resources for kids, teens and adults.

Cultural Growth: Using media to educate the world on the community value and social relevance of these artforms.

NYC Arts Advocacy: Promoting the work of related arts groups and the innovative NYC art scene in general.

Supporting worthy causes : Partnering with other non-profits helping them raise awareness for their causes. Emphasis on Environmental and Childrens Health related issues.

Public Art: Bringing socially significant artworks to public spaces while helping artists and arts groups gain needed exposure.






Tompkins Scare Park Halloweenfest
Nolita, NYC
Halloween Festival

FIGMENT* Arts Fest
on Governor's Island

Annual Alt-Oscar Awards Event
The Alt.Oscar Awards