Action Arts League is a league of action oriented artists and activist minded community leaders. AAL programs demonstrate participatory artforms while culture supporting worthy, socially conscious causes.

Green Halloween NYC is the heir to Action Arts League's Tompkins Scare Park festival and Healthy Halloween educational program developed in partnership with Dr. Mehmet Oz's HealthCorps. In 2009 we merged with the Green Halloween project developed in Seattle with a national following. Together we unite to take on child obesity and diabetes while demonstrating sustainable practices that can be applied to all holidays. Its mission is to create a new culture for kids expanding the Trick or Treat concept towards creativity while de-emphasizing processed sugar candy. Out of NYC we are demonstrating to the country and world how all neighborhoods and groups can band together to teach children more healthful habits at their earlist stages of socialization, while showing communities how to come together for exciting and sustanable artistic collaborations. In 2009 the festival will be in Nolita, NYC with more info on its website.

FIGMENT is a three day event that transforms Governors Island into a large interactive arts experience with numerous things to explore and discover. This event demonstrate an inspired cultural use for this amazing island while bringing together hundreds of artists and community groups. Its mission is to create a new kind of arts event in New York- an event based on participation, rather than observation. The arts projects that will be sponsored by the festival with be ambitious and interactive including visual arts, performance art, cutting-edge electronic art, fashion/ costuming and participatory installations. Nicknamed "Art Island" this will be an annual event with temporary artistic structures and, like Tompkins Scare Park, numerous participatory art zones and ongoing events administered by partner organizations.

The Public Art program is a new initiative of AAL that seeks to enhance the public space of New York City with the placement of large installation art and sculpture. Developed to better engage participatory culture artists within New York, our first three projects include Dream Outside the Box by Animus Collective just installed on W. 97th Street, Flock to Living by the Living Collective is awaiting installation at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and Hive Mind by Deb Yoon is awaiting final approval to be relocated from Figment/Governors Island to Prince & Mott Street.

The Alt.Oscar Awards is an annual awards spoof event that demonstrates the inclusive and artistic nature of the participtory culture arts movement. Our red carpet is open to all and attendees are invited to come as the favorite film star, pop-culture icon or their own version of celebrity and can comepte for the coveted Alty Award. It has been ongoing since 2006, taking a break in 2009 for the inaugural ball.

The Freedom's Ring Inaugural Ball was a one-time event bringing together dozens of NYC community and arts groups who all expressed their hopes and dreams for a new era... See video